A village square for the elders

The proposed landscaping for the future “Les Cerisiers” nursing home in Payerne emphasizes original, human-scale environments.

The rooftop terrace, accessible from the unit for psychiatric care in old age, is a generous and secure outdoor space. Equipped with a pergola for shaded and rain-protected activities, it offers a 270-degree panoramic view of the surrounding landscapes, promoting the overall well-being of the residents. Planters, designed to welcome nature, allow for gardening even in a wheelchair, as well as animal-assisted therapy sessions with small animals.

A carefully landscaped garden to the east of the site offers abundant biodiversity, with four themed gardens, 40 trees, and a hundred shrubs. The preservation of permeable soils underscores a commitment to sustainable environmental practices, integrating the project harmoniously into the surrounding natural landscape. This project thus embodies a contemporary and sustainable vision, combining functionality, friendliness, and respect for the environment.

The arrangement of the entrance is free from individual traffic, which is concentrated at the south of the plot where the parking is located.


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SIA 142 1st prize


Stoa architectes
Lüchinger & Meyer ingénieurs

Services provided

SIA 31 - 53


Payerne (CH)



the project's assets

Sustainability and Ecology: The project highlights sustainable architecture with green rooftop terraces, solar facades, a primarily wooden structure, and the use of natural materials with low emissions. Solar panels contribute to energy production, aiming for optimized energy consumption.

Friendliness and Community Integration: The design encourages community interaction with a green village square equipped with amenities, a fountain, and landscaped spaces. The ground floor is designed as a bright welcoming space with common areas that promote conviviality and the well-being of residents.

Innovation and Functionality: The project combines environmental aesthetics and functionality, with a special focus on the overall well-being of residents, including gardening possibilities and adapted animal-assisted therapy.