Playground, Prilly

The new sports center aims to be versatile on a daily basis, between the new multi-sport field and the extendable courtyard that can be used for both sports and events.

The project accompanies the construction of the new locker rooms and refreshment area by proposing to diversify the physical activities available: basketball, badminton, balance games, a multitude of options complement the soccer fields of the city of Prilly. While a refined treatment of the topography allows an optimized management of rainwater, the vegetation on the periphery of the multisport court is reinforced by a series of shade trees. At the foot of these trees, several islands of wood paving offer an urban fitness equipment, in prolongation of the soft mobility path. Users and visitors are invited to exercise freely using the equipment provided. Finally, the courtyard at the front of the building is generously sized to accommodate various sports events, thus completing the capacity of the refreshment bar during the various tournaments.


Completed, 2022


City of Prilly


Mandate on call for tenders

Services provided

SIA 31 à 53





the project's assets

Cooling strategy, generous planting of trees, permeability of surfaces

Sustainable landscaping, combining optimum comfort for users and added environmental value (biodiversity, combating urban heat)