Photographe : Nicolas Delaroche

Playground “Alpes”

The selected wooden games fit in the context of the edge and the trees present on the site, creating a playful place mixing the imaginary and the real. The flooring is natural on the islands and synthetic on the spine.

The range of games chosen is designed for children of all ages, based on a proven pedagogical concept. Combined games made of untreated wood, with ropes and nets, offer countless possibilities while leaving room for the children’s imagination. A slide, a hammock and a water game complete the set. On the east side of the playground, the planting of a clump of shrubs allows the integration of the layout and a fence to secure the area between the street and the playground.


Completed, 2019


City of Pully


Direct order

Services provided

100% SIA 105, CFC 4




700 m2

the project's assets

Four play islands built into the topography with a slide, climbing holds and a water feature that meanders through the facilities.