Photographe : Iwan Baan

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The unique shape of the Saignoles building engages in a contrasting dialogue with its base, like a jewel set in a landscape setting and soaring towards an exceptional panorama.

The northern part of the factory fits into the local topography, preferring an arrangement that adapts and anchors itself flexibly to the slope rather than a platform dug into the hill. In the southern part, the partially aerial architecture, supported by cantilevers, releases it from the ground to better let the territory approach and be included in the dynamics of the building. Access paths slip into these interstices, following the topography to lead to the main entrance.


Completed, 2021


Manufacture d'Horlogerie Audemars Piguet SA, succursale du Locle


Direct order


Kunik de Morsier architectes Sàrl

Services provided

SIA 32 à 53


Le Locle



the project's assets

Minimization of impervious surfaces.

A territorial integration refined to the context, with the creation of layouts inspired by natural environments and emblematic vegetation of the Jura. Optimized management of open roof rainwater, in coordination with civil engineers.

The arborization strategy is sustainable, with an optimization of the plantations (positioning, maintenance), proposal of local and climate-adapted species for the major arborization.