Photographe : Nicolas Delaroche

By taking into account the modal dynamics at play, we were able to formulate the potential for development of the park adjacent to the LEB station.
This first phase of studies was followed by the creation of a new play area as the first phase of this guiding vision.
The new play area extends over the eastern part of the site, accompanying a pathway leading directly to the town center.
The historic granary, relocated to the bow of the square, now greets residents and visitors at the entrance to the town. Highlighting the “agri-cultural” character of the site and the region, the play equipment features natural materials, in particular a shock-absorbing chipboard surface.


Réalisé, 2022


Municipality of Echallens


Parallel study mandate

Services provided

100% SIA 31 - SIA 53


Public space around the station, Echallens



the project's assets

The planning and realization of a new play area on the Échallens station forecourt requires a detailed understanding of the future development of the Square in front of the LEB-station.