Bank of Canton Wallis

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In parallel with the new construction and renovation of BCVs’ head office, the Parc des Mayennets is being redeveloped as a major park between the railway station and the center of Sédun.

In synergy with the Square des Mayennets and the panoramic Sacré-Coeur square, its location makes it a major milestone on the soft mobility itinerary and an important stopping-off point for the people of Sédun.




Bank of Canton Wallis


SIA 142 1st prize


Bonnard + Woeffray SNC

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Sion / Sitten



the project's assets

A planted, shaded area, becoming a major milestone for soft mobility and a strategic cool island between the station and the center of Sion.

The landscaping emphasizes the abundant vegetation, providing a cool island in the district, with a well-developed canopy thanks to the park subjects distributed around the large existing trees.

The Park reconnects with its historic past, offering open spaces linked by limanat paths, with islands of flowering turf adding floral diversity and valuable environmental potential in an urban setting.

A selection of native tree species adapted to the urban environment as well as “forward-looking” species resistant to future climate change. This diversity of trees forms a varied and resilient canopy, offering shade and coolness along the new pedestrian walkways.